Arrived in Korr, Kenya

Greetings from Korr!

Nancy and I spent the better part of yesterday in a small plane over northern Kenya and have just woken, after a much needed night of rest, to our first full day in Korr. Here’s a quick update:

The Lord has given us many traveling mercies. Praise Him with us!

  • Nine hour flights are much more comfortable when the seats next to you are empty. (We had 2 of them.)
  • A large (9 seater) airplane for the trip up to Korr meant Nancy didn’t get air-sick.
  • Our house in Korr has tall ceilings, is made from cement, and has good cross-ventilation; it is much MUCH cooler than the other house we had been told we’d stay in. We feel incredibly blessed with these accommodations.

And praise Him for rain! Korr has been in a severe drought, the worst in 30 years. I suppose our Seattle presence had some influence because there were rains last night, the first in since last April. They seem to be skirting Korr, however, so please pray with us that the Lord would bring rain directly here and that the wells would fill up. Most of the wells are dry, which means that animals and people are suffering.

We are heading out to see the nomadic school today. They are finishing their term early due to lack of food and we are very grateful to see them on their last day before school lets out for break.

From Laura, for both of us.

Thanks for your support in 2014!

We are so grateful for each of you and the support you provide for the Foundation. Know that it was used by God for eternal purposes in the lives of His precious children. Over the last year, FTCSF hosted two trainings in Uganda during which school administrators and pastors were trained and empowered to evangelize and disciple their students, and encouraged to ensure their schools are truly Christian. Additionally, through your donations and sponsorship, the Tirrim Schools continue to provide education for the Rendille nomadic children in the desert of northern Kenya. We look back with thanksgiving for all that He has accomplished and are truly excited about the work He has for us in the next year. 

Reflections from Kasese

The following was written by board member Christy Price, who accompanied Nancy to a training in Kasese, Uganda in October. 

From the moment we arrived we were greeted with hospitality and arms wide open. So many people were excited for our arrival and for the educational leadership trainings we were going to host. I was immediately blown away by the dedication and excitement these teachers had for wanting to learn how to be better Christian school administrators. Some traveled far, through the rain, on the back of a little motorcycle to attend. Some slept on mattresses on the ground throughout the week; a few didn’t even have bedding. They stayed up late at night completing the reading and assignments though they had very poor reading conditions. Yet, they still would come, every day. To see the commitment these individuals had for wanting to learn was unbelievable. I know so often we don’t get to see what the Foundation has done (and is doing) for so many. This is why I am very thankful I had the chance to travel with Dr. Price and see the impact first hand. I came back having learned just how much these Ugandan administrators love Jesus, which only helped me (a weak sinner that I am) remember that I need Jesus too. 

$10,000 for 10,000 students

Amos Baluku is one of my seminary students at Westminster Theological Seminary in Kampala who got so excited about what he learned that he wanted to be sure others had the same opportunity. Because of his efforts, September found me in Kasese, Uganda, providing a week- long, intensive, residential program in Christian school administration. The seminar’s focus on practical ways to improve education was interwoven with training on child evangelism and discipleship through education. More than 10,000 students have been directly impacted through the 50 schools represented at that training! The week’s training cost FTCSF $10,000, which works out to an impact cost of $1 per child – a very good value indeed!