Please Pray for Peace in Western Uganda

A side road inside the district capital, Bundibugyo.   Bundibugyo District ,Western Uganda

A side road inside the district capital, Bundibugyo. Bundibugyo District ,Western Uganda

We have received troubling news from one of Dr. Price's WTS students regarding violent uprisings in Western Uganda following the national elections. Your prayers are needed. The work of the Foundation, through the multiplicative effect of training teachers, administrators, and pastors, reaches into the distant corners of East Africa (in fact, the affected area is not far from the 2014 trainings we did in Kasese) so to hear of unrest such as this is always concerning. Here are a few words from Rev. Jonathan to inform you of the situation and help direct your prayers:

Dear friends and praying partners, Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am writing requesting prayers for the suffering people, especially children and women who have been so much affected by the insurgence and the ethnic killings of the Bakonzo and Bamba in Bundibujgyo district after the national elections. Ten people have been butchered, about 120,000 people displaced, many houses and plantation burnt and destroyed to ashes. At our headquarter Church we have 300 people sleeping in Church with no other place to run to for shelter. Many of them are children and women.

I have been transferred for ministry overseeing 144 Churches with 170 pastors under our see. Many of our Christians have been affected as well as 10 pastors’ houses have been burnt by thugs. Many schools have not opened because of the killings.

I therefore, write to request for your prayers especially for the now suffering children and women who cannot find anything to eat but depend now on the mercies of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bundibugyo is a district behind the mountains of Rwenzori region in the western Uganda, bordering the Democratic of Congo.

May you please pray for peace.

I have been in meetings with the government officials about the same, security is provided but nothing best is done yet. I yesterday visited with the team members to the King of Bwamba (Bundibugyo) with less hopes for peace. I with other Bishops/ Pastors from Rwenzori region will tomorrow engage dialogue with many stake holder in the district about the same.

Yours in Christ,
— Rev. Ven. K. Jonathan