Cultural Day in Korr


10 October. Korr, Kenya. 

The streets filled, shops closed, and the church building overflowed with Rendille gathering to celebrate God's doing among them through Tirrim Schools.

The celebration lasted the entire day and was filled with laughter, ceremonial and sacred songs, presentations by the Tirrim School classes, and the serving of traditional Rendille food. 

The children sung their hearts out and parents join them and tears of joy were shed as people were reminded of who they are. An old man run to the stage and join the kids in singing. The leadership appreciated the Tirrim administration for organizing such events and to keep the Rendille culture alive and to connect them with the culture which is about to be eroded by modernization. Our County representative who is a Muslim said this “Tirrim which means a cornerstone have become our pillar today for not forgetting our culture, am proud to associate myself with them and I will be always in front to see how i can help”
— Pastor David Gargule

A huge "Thank You!" to all our partners whose donations help keep the Tirrim Schools open. The Lord is indeed doing great work among the Rendille people!