Tirrim Schools Report - Term 2

Below is the Tirrim School Report for Term 2, written by Headmaster Lawrence Letipo. These reports are a new method of keeping you updated on the Tirrim Schools. Individual child reports are simply not feasible but the Tirrim leadership will be sending these school reports to us at the close of every term. We are so grateful for their hard work and thankful, too, for the generous sponsors! Make sure not to miss the prayer requests listed toward the bottom of the report. 

We are doing very well! The Lord was good despite all the challenges over the last term. Korr is still dry, hot and dusty with cold nights. This is normal in July to the end of August. We are already in August vacation which started from 7th August - 7th September when the term 3 begins. Last term was a hard one, most of our teachers left us due to the salary delay. Nomadic school had reduced from 8 teachers to 5. We had already moved the lower school to the upper ground. We thank God for the wisdom and we are running the institution with ease. We are now left with manageable teaching staff for all of our schools totaling to 21 from 33 previous population.

-Excellent solar power installation by the Kenyan government for std 1 pupils
-Good cooperation from the parents.
-Pupils who are eager to learn the word of God during bible classes and the morning devotions.
-Successful talent fellowship at the church organized by the Tirrim teachers

Although we recorded some cases of absenteeism, the general attendance was good. The total number of students is 655 of which 301 are girls and 354 are boys respectively

The term recorded more cases of malaria.The school kids are doing good.  This term’s results are really promising especially for Class 3.  I think both teachers and the kids are really doing a perfect job towards their work.  High discipline was observed despite much illness and a high rate of absenteeism within the course of the term was observed.  I think this was due to much troubles which are being caused by the drought.

The general performance of the students in the just ended term two assessment is good. There has been an improvement in the results compared to term one.

I have requested each teacher to submit a list of students who are not able to read in respective grades and challenge them to help those identified.

I will find time to assess them personally and suggest how best we can help them read and write with ease.

- Pray for dedicated true Christian teachers
- Pray for regular salaries for our teachers
- The school needs learning materials which are scarce now
- Pray for the wisdom in the leadership and transition process
- Pray for our candidates ( std 8 ) education trip to down Kenya where they can learn things practically.

CALENDAR - School closed on Wednesday, 5th of August and will re-open on Monday, 7th of September, 2015. 

Thanks for all the continued support, spiritually, materially and financially.

Lawrence Letipo
Headmaster, Tirrim Schools