Tirrim Schools Report - Term 3


Term 3 at the Tirrim Schools was held during the months of September, October, and November. Below is the report for the final term of the year, compiled by Pastor David Gargule. As always, we thank sponsors for their donations, which enable the school to continue operating.  

This term we had several activities going on. 

1. As I informed you in one of my writings we had cultural day which was so much connected us with our local people who come in great numbers to celebrate our unique culture and had our identity as people of Rendille.

2. The schools are closed now and kids are on holiday. We thanks God there was no any bad incident was mentioned despite of usual challenges that help us to grow.

3. The drought is tough though we got rains for two days. We need to pray for the situation here.

4. The truck we use to transport food and water for the nomadic school is not in good condition. It needs a new tyres, some repairs and inspection for it to serve the school well next year. Please consider pray with us.

5. We had a parent day in nomadic school and the parents come and celebrated the achievement of their school. During the cultural day the nomadic school were the best performers.

5. It is our prayers that next year we would have a functional nursery school in nomadic since this is the feeder of the school and without it we wonder what we can do in future.


The Lord has enabled us to see another end of the year schooling and most of grade 3 in nomadic will graduate to the Tirrim upper school. Pray for safe and good transition.

Thank you. 

Pastor David Gargule