I'm confused. What exactly do you do?

Check out our What We Do page to learn more about our approach to supporting Christian education in East Africa. In short, we support Christian schools in East Africa by providing professional development trainings for teachers and administrators. We also run a school sponsorship program for the Tirrim Schools in Korr, Kenya which serve the nomadic Rendille tribe


How is the Tirrim school sponsorship different from most child sponsorship programs?

When you choose to support the Tirrim Schools you are directly providing support for Rendille students through funding the only school available to them. If the school does not have funds to remain open then the children can not attend, regardless of individual child sponsorship. We operate this way in order to provide all Rendille children the opportunity for education instead of only those children who have been selected by a sponsor. Because we believe in the great power of prayer we ask that sponsors select a child to support specifically through prayer in addition to their monthly financial contribution. 


Will i get updates from my child? Can i send them letters?

Because we are a small organization and do not have feet on the ground year-round in Korr we can not facilitate personal letters. We do receive a school update from the teachers once per term, roughly three times a year. If you are a Tirrim School donor look for this update in your email. We also post them to our blog. 


I am with an organization looking for funding, who can I talk to about that?

The work of For the Children's Sake Foundation is to provide training, we do not fund organizations.