For the Children’s Sake Foundation has a strategic goal to develop National Trainers in various countries of Africa. These individuals are key to the growth and sustainability of quality Christian education in Africa.

God has blessed For the Children's Sake Foundation with talented, godly people to serve schools in their countries. We are so grateful for their passion and commitment and are excited to have the three following partners to help provide professional development seminars in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan.

Meet our Teacher Trainers:

Mariana pedrosa

Anna moved to Uganda in 2010 with a desire to be better equipped for her calling as a teacher. She studied under Dr. Nancy while completing her Masters degree in Theological Studies with a Christian Education emphasis at Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda. Anna  served as the founding head-teacher of Jesus is the Truth nursery and primary school in Gulu, Uganda. She is a missionary, now on furlough in her home country, the Philippine Islands.

Violet malongo Nyamiwa

Violet has a great love for the Lord and a deep passion for the power of Christian education. She became acquainted FTCSF when Dr. Nancy was a visiting lecturer at the college where she taught Christian Education. Violet has since left the college, and spends her time traveling and training Christian school teachers throughout Kenya. She prays to eventually open a Christian "laboratory school" to showcase excellent teaching and provide internships for Christian school teachers. 

David acellam Okeny
south sudan

David is from Juba, South Sudan. He trained at university as an engineer, then earned a seminary degree from Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda which is where he met Dr. Nancy. He is currently taking the post-graduate certificate in Christian Education at the new African Reformed Theological Seminary, where Dr. Nancy now teaches. David has a great enthusiasm to train the Christian school teachers in Juba and other parts of South Sudan.

“If we don’t train our teachers they won’t reach our children for Christ. So we need to start with our teachers... We start in a very small way, but it will grow. And it will transform Kenya. That is my passion and my prayer.”
— Violet Malongo Nyamiwa