Africa Reformed Theological Seminary in Uganda (formerly named Westminster Theological Seminary) draws students from all over Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Nancy has developed and contextualized for Africa four courses in Christian School Education which she teaches at ARTS. Through these courses she has the opportunity to impact the hearts and minds of Christian leaders from many countries as they prepare for a ministry of Christian education. 

"We don't have true Christian schools! They are just schools run by Christians, not really different from any of the other schools in our community,"  lamented one pastor after having his eyes opened to the calling of Christian education.

The two year, four class cycle of courses required of students taking the certificate in Christian School Education allows for the development of a broader and more in-depth educational understanding in the seminary students. The overwhelming response of these pastors and school administrators is a firm determination to implement Christian education for evangelism and discipleship into the schools they influence.

[Both of our Teacher Trainers were students of Dr. Nancy's at Westminster.]


Here is the list of courses Dr. nancy teaches:

  • Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Christian School Education
  • Curriculum  Analysis and Evaluation for the Christian School
  • Planting a Christian School in Africa
  • Christian School Administration in Africa