Just before Christmas of 2005, Dr. Price heard an “on-hold” message that struck her in a profound way – “Every 14 seconds a child in Sub-Saharan Africa loses a parent to AIDS.” Her immediate thought was, “How many children have been orphaned since I’ve been on hold? Lord, can I do something?” A few months later she traveled to Africa to visit contacts in Kenya and Uganda, with the vague idea of opening a school for orphans.

After spending time with different ministries and listening to their concerns, it became clear to her that what was wanted was not an American coming in to start a big school. Instead, there was a strong desire for training that would provide tools to help the teachers and schools already working with those children become more effective. Having spent her working life in Christian education and holding a Ph.D. in teaching and learning, Nancy thought, “Now this is something I could do!” With the support of her husband, Dr. William Price, a man with a great heart for missions, she founded For the Children’s Sake Foundation as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry in June of 2006. 

Since that time FTCSF has provided numerous training seminars in Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan, impacting well over 20,000 students for Christ. To gain insight on our strategic methods, please visit What We Do. To learn more about our past and ongoing projects, see our Projects page.