My goal is for Christian school educators to see themselves as fulfilling a call, not just doing a job. They must realize truly Christian education goes far beyond merely providing academics to children. They have the opportunity to serve as ministers of the Gospel in their students’ lives!
— Dr. Nancy Price


Our Approach - capacity building

Training is a strategic decision. We do not run schools. Instead, we multiply our efforts by coming alongside Christian leaders already working in African schools, helping them become more effective.

Since 2006 For the Children’s Sake Foundation has provided professional training to Christian schools in East Africa and South Sudan. By training Christian school administrators and teachers, we are able to touch the lives of thousands of orphans and vulnerable children through people of their own community, language, and culture. 

Christian worldview

Because Christ is truly Lord of all, every aspect of learning belongs to Him, from mathematics and literature to science and art. As believers, our teachers and students must learn to bring their love for Christ, and His love for them, into every decision-making area of life: cultural, relational, political, academic, social, and religious. 

To that end, we train teachers and administrators to view life from a biblical worldview. We help them learn to integrate the biblical worldview into academic instruction, as well as their relationships with their students. Our hope is that as children learn to think and live biblically they will become leaders who model peace and integrity in their communities and nations.

whom we serve


For the Children's Sake Foundation serves the orphaned, vulnerable, disadvantaged, impoverished, and marginalized children found throughout East Africa. Christian schools are often the only available option for these children, as government schools are often not available in their regions. Moreover, parents are often unable to pay for school fees, books, and uniforms. Through our projects, we provide children with better education and the means to access it.

Christian School Educators

Through our professional development seminars, pastors and Christian school administrators and teachers catch the vision of education for spiritual as well as academic purposes, and are provided with practical tools for accomplishing their mission.


Many teachers who serve the poorest children have not had the advantage of quality preparation for teaching. In fact, some do not have any preparation at all. The training we provide allows teachers to become more effective educators as they learn about child development, planning and delivering effective lessons, ways to develop higher-level thinking skills in their students, and how to integrate a biblical worldview into all academic learning.


Christian school directors have the desire to serve the orphaned and otherwise vulnerable children in their area for Christ. They believe strongly in the need for children to be educated and therefore start schools to help meet the needs they see in their own communities. However, many of those who begin schools have no background in education, nor are trained in business. Our professional development seminars provide an understanding of the hallmarks of excellent Christian education, as well as practical help in areas such as budgeting, strategic planning, management, hiring, and other issues involved in running a school.