Special Gifts

Your special gift can give at-risk students a better opportunity for learning!

Did you know that in many classrooms, students do not have a copy of the text they are studying? That most teachers do not have a teacher's guide for the text, which is full of helpful teaching tips? That, for many students, school lunch is the best meal of the day?

Whether student supplies, desks, texts, bags of food to improve nutrition, or teacher guides, you can make a big difference with your Special Gifts!


Student Supplies


Student school supplies

library books 212px.jpg

Library books

student books 212px.jpg

Student text books


School lunches

One 90 lb. bag of maize or porridge

beans 212px.jpg

One 90 lb. bag of rice or beans


Classroom Items

math teacher 212px.jpg

Teacher guide and syllabus for one subject
Most teachers do not have any access to teaching guides and use a student book!

kids in desks 212px.jpg

Metal desk (2 students)
Wood eating insects are a problem so metal desks are preferred